California and music

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California and music

CaliforniaCalifornia is often comparing with rich lifestyle. That great way of living where you can visit Playboy mansion or go to Hollywood sign. But it’s not so all fancy in California. Few days ago I had to call my favorite roofing service because my roof is broken again. But don’t get me wrong, living in California it’s great. Living in California has its advantages. I know this will come as a surprise to my family and friends whose first response when they heard I was moving here was, “Why would you want to live in a place that’s going to have an earthquake and fall into the ocean any day now?” Of course the next thing they said was, “Oh good, now that I have a free place to stay I can change my plans and go to California for two weeks instead of Cancun,” which tells you a lot about how they weigh fear vs. saving a buck. Not to mention what kind of family and friends I have. This doesn’t mean life here is unexciting and boring just because we don’t have to evacuate our homes once a week during the fall, can switch off the Weather Channel anytime we want without doubling up on Xanax in the hope it will stave off the feeling that if we miss a crucial update about a storm that’s 1,000 miles and four days away we’ll wind up as tropical storm toast, or watch Twister over and over to make sure we know what an approaching tornado looks like.

And wonder why if one hits we won’t be waiting it out in the cozy storm cellar with Helen Hunt. Or Bill Paxton if that’s your preference. What it does mean is that we can spend our time doing all the things Californians prefer to do with our lives, like eat granola, work out at the gym, and shop for new socks to wear under our Birkenstocks. Just kidding. Actually Birkenstocks are out. Anyone who’s anyone without a fashion sense knows Tevas and socks are the new statement.


But all this it’s important for people to understand what co-relation have music and California. If you name all the bands from all kinds of genres that played here, you would be surprised. So it’s logical to have fusion band in California. Especially with a name 26 Red Tred. If you don’t remember this sneakers, they were popular in the nineties and they were very comfy. So if you ask me what music 26 Red Tred play, I have to say that it’s ace91b03cd16b6f3678660cd184af26a.500x323x1music from the nineties but it sounds like comfortable living in California. Still confused? Well then, imagine a band that combines The Beach Boys and Cypress Hill. Or better, imagine a band that combines The Mountain Goates and The Bellrays. Still confused? Well then look at some pictures of California bitches and listen to music of this artists. And then you will found out what I’m talking about. Also, while thinking, imagine that shoes as well, because they are so comfy.

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